The complete BAFFI CAREFIN Woking Papers Series is downloadable from SSRN (Social Science Research Network)


Call for papers 2015-2016 - selected papers:


Carlo Altomonte - Markups, productivity and the financial capability of firms

Brunella Bruno, Bad Loans and resource allocation in European banks. Evidence from the crisis years

Bernardo Bortolotti, Taming Leviathan

Filippo De Marco, The Real Effects of Capital Requirements and Monetary Policy: Evidence from the UK

Massimo Guidolin, Assessing the out-of-sample Value of Regime Dependent Time-Varying Predictability

Iftekhar Hasan:

Project 1: Stock Liquidity and Stock of Debt: An Empirical Analysis

Project 2: Do Social Networks Encourage Risk Taking? Evidence from Bank CEOs

Project 3: Should Interconnectedness among Banks be blamed for destabilizing the Financial System?

Massimiliano Marcellino, Measuring uncertainty and its impact on the economy

Steven Ongena, Bank Credit and Market-Based Finance for Corporates: The Effects of Minibond Issuances in Italy

Paolo Pinotti, Bad seeds: The transplantation of the mafia in northern regions

Antonella Trigari:

Project 1 - New hires wage cyclicality, match quality and unemployment fluctuations

Project 2 - Cyclical fluctuations in the unemployment rate and the poverty rate: the role of the safety net

Project 3 - Who creates jobs over the business cycle?

Hannes Wagner, Corporate Social Responsibility and Institutional Investors




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